Angelic Coin will be designated to the Angelic Distribution Streaming platform. Angelic Coin is to facilitate a basic funding arrangement between Advertisers and Angelic Distribution Streaming platform users. Angelic Coin is not involved in the ownership or ongoing functions of the Angelic Companies. As the Angelic Companies grow stronger, it is expected the stability and value of Angelic Coin may also increase.

Angelic Companies will continue to utilize private equity partners for prime objectives:

  • Fund 10 Franchise productions of $150 million each.

  • Acquiring Angelic Studios: for in-house studio space.

  • Expand Angelic Effects: a visual special effects and digital entertainment company.

  • Grow Angelic Distribution: a media streaming and sales agency.

  • Secure Angelic productions and affiliate-companies productions with “A List” talent.

Angelic Coin is indexed to the knowledge of over twenty years of Angelic Pictures, Inc. making movies, attending film festivals, wrangling distribution contracts and successfully establishing itself in the Entertainment Industry.

With over two decades of experience making movies the Angelic Companies are poised on the verge of major strides in the International marketplace. With dozens of developed projects, franchise films, knowledge and expertise, in production, studio work, post production and distribution, Angelic has brought its hard fought success to the point it is ready to make a large impact on media production both on the small and large screens.

Angelic plans for a Production Studio in Southern California will give them two of the largest soundstages in the Western World. That alone will attract attention from mainline studios currently vying for space in limited soundstages around the globe. Angelic Studios will be the home of major Angelic Productions, but also will be the envy of all the major studios, trying to keep production close to home or near Hollywood.

The expanding reputation of Angelic Studios will build the success of Angelic Coin. The exhibition system set up by Angelic Distribution, will capitalize on vendor relationships Angelic has cultivated through Product Placement in movie projects with many advertisers over the last 20 years who also will have the opportunity to expand their relationship with Angelic Distribution streaming to have a major presence in the e-commerce store as well.

After the 10-year period of expansion Angelic Pictures will have established the name Angelic as a global competitor by substantiating each of the Angelic Companies towards the endgame of being acquired. Angelic and its enhanced assets will entertain an acquisition deal by one of the 7 major studios, or from a production entity such as HBO, or even another new or emerging streaming services such as Netflix or Disney’s Hulu.

Each of the Angelic Companies individually would boast a substantial worth and as a whole should bring in a tremendous record setting acquisition figure, translating into extraordinary profits for Shareholders. This in turn will push forward use of Angelic Coin in its economy, allowing it to become a well-integrated Cryptocurrency with ties to global retailers.

Angelic Pictures, Inc. (Angelic) is a functioning movie production company with a 21 year history with credits in movie production, distribution, studio operations and visual special effects. The Angelic Companies described in this White Paper will receive significant private equity funding to catalyze expansion into a global media provider. The Angelic Companies intend to continue their growth making private equity movie projects.

The information herein is restricted and confidential and for internal purposes only. This material should not be construed as an offer to sell or an offer to buy any security.

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